Educating Without Borders

I am very pleased to say that my recent co-authored article with Dr. Aura Lounasmaa  on our work with our award-winning OLIve (Online Learning Initiative) course for refugees and asytlum seekers at UEL has just been published in the latest edition of the Citizens Rights Watch Newsletter.

Written by Dr. Aura Lounasmaa and Paul Dudman, the article is entitled “Educating

Voices from the Jungle

Voices from the Jungle

Without Borders,” and focuses both on our groundbreaking Online Learning Inititive (OLIve) course currently running at UEL but also reflects on the work of colleagues from the UEL Centre for Narrative Research (CNR) and their Educating Without Borders project in the former refugee camp in Calais known as “The Jungle.”  Further details can be found on the CNR website and in the recently published book by Pluto Press entitled “Voices from the Jungle: Stories from the Calais Refugee Camp which brings together the personal stories of people who lived as refugees, during 2015 and 2016 in the Clais refugee camp known as “The Jungle.”

The OLIve course offered by the University of East London is a 10-week course for refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. The aim of the course is to introduce refugees and asylum seekers to Higher Education. The course offers an opportunity for students to find out what skills and knowledge are needed in order to apply for and succeed in HE in the UK and provides information about pathways and opportunities. The course offers modules and workshops in English language and academic writing, research skills, academic tutoring and introduction to academic discussions.  Further details can be found on the OLIve website at:

The article is by Dr Aura Lounasmaa and myself is published in Volume 7 (January-April 2017) of the Citizens Rights Watch (CRW) newsletter which is freely available to access on the CRW website and can be downloaded in PDF format via the folling link – [Click Here to Download Newsletter].

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